In The Kitchen

Hi, my names's Cristi. That's me & my littlest man, nicknamed  Pickle. When I started writing this blog, I chose the pen name Candy Girl (in case it sucked and I didn't want my identity known); it was (and still is) a fitting moniker for me, sugar junkie that I am. I try not to be, I try to make healthy choices like a proper grown-up, and most of the time I do - but honestly, my inner candy girl could happily make a meal out of a bag of White Rabbits...  and I have!

This is me & my Sailor Boy husband. I'm Canadian, he's American. He's from DC, I'm from BC. We met in the Twilight Zone, a club in Vancouver, in 1995 - and we've been best friends ever since ♥ And those are our 5 little ones.


I call them my sproutlets :) I'm trying not to turn into little sugar fiends like their mum, and that's one of the reasons I started this blog - to help me stick to my resolution to feed them more healthy whole foods than processed sweetened ones. I want them to LIKE good food, so I'm trying to make it fun.

I don't deny my sproutlets junk food altogether - they get their share - and sometimes they get my share too if they find my stash :) They're my kids, so of course they love sweets, and because they're kids, they'll reach past the cherry tomatoes for the cherry candy - if there's cherry candy available, that is - which is why their school lunch is the perfect opportunity to get them to eat healthy. They're hungry, their options are limited to what I've packed for them, and they're too far away for me to hear them complain ;) Of course, I don't want to give them anything to complain about...

So I found myself looking around online for ways to make wholesome food fun - and discovered Japanese bento. Truly amazing, food as an art form. Much of it beyond my creative capability and/or my kids' pickiness threshold though - still, inspiring! And then I found some American bento blogs. What's For Lunch At Our House. Wendolonia. Another Lunch. Biting The Hand That Feeds You. To name just a few :) Now this kind of bento I could do, I thought, or at least have fun trying! And even when my attempts aren't as perfect or pretty as the ones on the blogs that inspire me, my sproutlets think they are - and they know their meals were made with love

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