5 Ways In Which Water Purification Systems Are Better Than Bottled Water

5 Ways In Which Water Purification Systems Are Better Than Bottled Water

Water is a necessary commodity in the life of every human being. It is important for every human being to hydrate themselves regularly due to the different effects of dehydration. It is also important for individuals to be wise when choosing the water that they drink since it can also harm them if it has any form of contamination. People have access to water from water purification systems as well as bottled water. In this article, we will look at five ways in which water purification systems are better than bottled water.

1. Expensive

Bottled water is costly as compared to the water that is provided from the water purification systems. On average, a family of five will spend about 3000 dollars each year on bottled water. The same family will use approximately five dollars when using water from the water purification systems. The great difference in the prices of the two is that the bottled water has the added expense of the bottle as well as the middlemen that are involved in the distribution of the water. The water from the purification systems is cheaper because it is direct from the producer to the consumer reducing the cost incurred due to middlemen as well as the purchase of the bottles.

2. Environmental pollution

Plastics have been dubbed as one of the main environmental hazards of modern times. Plastic is usually non-decomposable and when thrown away it will forever pollute the environment. Bottled water is found in plastic bottles which means every day, tons of plastic are being dumped after the consumer has drunk the water. Some people are of the opinion that it is the people who wrongly dispose of their plastics making them pollute the environment. However, the world would be much better if there were no plastics.

3. The water may at times have contaminants

In some cases, the bottled water may not be as pure as it is advertised to the general public. Bottled water is always thought to have been purified and free of contamination. In some cases, the water that is found in the bottles does not go through any form of purification meaning that it may contain harmful components. The water may be collected directly from the tap without any form of purification. This means that you may end up using a lot of money just to drink tap water that is contaminated.

4. Easy access

Water that is from the water purification systems is easily accessible to the public as compared to bottled water. If you want to have some bottled water, then you must head out to the store which may end up inconveniencing you. However, the system water only needs to be turned on, and then you can get water.

5. Chemicals found on the plastic

Plastic bottles in some cases, migrate chemicals from the plastic bottles to the water. The chemicals can affect the endocrine system of the human being which may lead to health complications in the future.

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